I bet you don’t know how cool Door County is (unless you are from the Midwest.)

Door County 1The sweet humid air is mixed with pine, earth and ozone (you know the deep smell in a forest before a rainstorm.) The wind lightly dances around the trees building its crescendo onto the tips of the branches. It looks more like a waltz than a tango really. You can hear the birds in their morning meetings in the distance catching up on important things like who caught the biggest worms and where the best twigs are. They trill lazily back and forth in a sweet way that helps fill the morning air. The rain has started slowly with a light patter making the expansive view of lake Michigan easier to see. The royal blue waves of yesterday have transformed to a steel metal gray. Not making the beauty any less, just transforming it into a different, almost more peaceful color palette. Northeast Wisconsin can be incredibly picturesque in the summer

There is a place where the latest summer blockbuster doesn’t exist. In fact, it doesn’t even register on your radar. Where cell phone reception is shoddy at best and where your blood pressure lowers about 30 points. The sun shines politely down at you and where lush emerald foliage line forest by forest in a gentle hug around you. I’ve been told Door County Wisconsin in the “Cape Cod” of the Midwest. After spending a full week here on a family get together I can see why.

Door County 3  Door County 2

It’s bursting full of tastes, abundant fresh flavors that cover the food rainbow. It varies in cheese (of course, we’re in Wisconsin!) cherries, olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, the thick sweet kind the Italians use, local wine (the peach is my favorite) local vodka, preserves, fresh fruit, fudge, ice cream, berries. Stores typically set up with little samples singing at your tempting you to upgrade to a purchase. The pace is slower, which I grow to savor. Life jumps out here at you with vivid clarity. I secretly loved that my phone receptions was non-existent out here. All along the coast of lake Michigan, the 3rd largest fresh water lake in the world, it might as well be an ocean with all the sailboats and speedboats speckled among the various coastal towns. Kitchy stores, extreme art galleries, antique stores (one place had items from over 28 countries) and a wide variety of golfing for the guys and beauty spas and shopping for the ladies. There are National Parks to bike or hike for the outdoor enthusiast. Boat rentals and most water sport vehicle available as well. Beaches close to any rental to sooth your technology crushed soul. Since I currently live out West and am used to the different shades of brown out in Wyoming far as the eye can see, this place has awakened my memory.

Travelers can sign the building - BYOPaint

Travelers can sign the building – BYOPaint

What's better than Sangria? Both. (White & Red Sangria)

What’s better than Sangria? Both. (White & Red Sangria)



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