Best Veggie Side Dish

You can thank me later since you’ll be too busy scarfing this down. The blend of spices and oven roasting brings out the flavors to the extreme.

Pack of mushrooms
1-2 Zucchini
1 Sweet Onion (or yellow)
1 Green or Red Pepper
Broccoli florets (optional)

Olive Oil
Garlic Salt
Crushed Red Pepper
Minced Garlic (optional – if you have it)


Chop veggies put in a pan or glass baking dish.
Toss veggies with olive oil and sprinkle with spices
Go heavier on the oregano
I recommend going lighter on the crushed red pepper to start, I like things spicy but you can always add more later


Bake in over around 375 – 400 for 10 minutes
Stir and taste
Re-season if necessary
(I’ve used so many different ovens for this sometimes it takes as little as 10 or 20 depending on your oven so it’s best to check.)
Cook in 5 minute increments and keep checking and stirring until done (I hate overcooked veggies.)

Add veggies on tortilla, sprinkle with cheese and add a dollop of sour cream = Veggie Wraps
Add next to chicken or fish and rice
Sautee chicken – chop up and add to dish then eat out of dish
Use as a side dish to pasta and garlic bread or toss in pasta
You get the idea of it’s versatility

Excuse the steam in the photo below! Veggies are paired with brown rice and scallops.



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