Best basics for airplane travel

Okay so maybe some of these aren’t so basic, but a few of these have become necessary in my eyes. After many years of travel and having gone through multiple cancellations and numerous delays in connecting airports, I’ve narrowed my travel items to the following. Throw the smaller items in a plastic ziplock baggie and you are good to go.

Airplane basics to pack

1) ELECTRONICS = Kindle + iPhone AND  iPhone charger with ear buds
Obvious I know, but a good place to start. Kindle power lasts forever, so you don’t really need the charger, but it’s best to bring your phone charger always! The times you don’t bring it, you are going to need it. These items are both light and compact and covers all your entertainment – books, movies, music, games. Make sure you sign up at your local library for free books. I load up when I travel so I have options on books depending on my mood.

2) BEAUTY = eye drops, eyeliner, powder, lotion, chap stick
Think of the basics, don’t over do it in the makeup area if you roll that way. It tends to be dry in airports and your body dehydrates when flying and traveling and eye drops can do wonders. The two basics for touch ups is powder and a brown eye liner. Use the eyeliner for brows and eyes and powder for a fresh face. It’s easy to get dehydrated and a good smelling lotion helps lift my spirits and clears the air when I’m stuck on a plane.

3) GERM FREE = antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer and toothbrush
Yes it’s best not to over do it on anti-bacterial items for everyday use, but after reading airplane trays are one of the germiest places on airplanes and airports. (I recommend not to Google “airplane germs” it will completely gross you out.) Antibacterial wipes are a great idea. Wipe down your tray – trust me! I make sure to use my antibacterial when I travel. SKIP the water offered and bring your own water bottle. You get much more, it’s healthier, safer and a tad bit environmentally friendly since you aren’t wasting a cup and napkin.

I can’t tell you what a difference brushing your teeth makes after a long day of traveling. Especially if you are stuck in a layover or delay somewhere.

4) WATER BOTTLE = be like the water boy and hydrate with H2O
Yes it can be annoying if you have to use those restrooms in the airplane, but you’d be surprised how much your body absorbs. There are plenty of articles out there going into detail on this, but dehydration is practically unavoidable when traveling on planes. With the lack of humidity combined with lower air pressure and less oxygen on the plane, it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle. Make sure it’s empty when you go through security and fill it up at a fountain. (Many airports have filtered water right above the water fountains.)

EXTRA 5) DoTerra – OnGuard and Lemon Oil
I’ve recently discovered Doterra essential oils and I’m a big fan. I can tell the difference when I take them and it’s a great natural remedy when you need a boost. They are made of the highest quality ingredients. For more information on LEMON click here. For more information on ONGUARD click here. I typically flavor my water with the lemon and diffuse the air with OnGuard or rub it on my wrists. (Diffuse it by putting a drop on a Kleenex or napkin.)

Kind Bar

I always make sure I have one or two Kind bars for emergenccies to combat low blood sugar. Sometimes I’m running through an airport and don’t have time to get food or I’m stuck on a plane with no options. You can pronounce the ingredients and they are very tasty.


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