Stop Over Packing You!

I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve lived in four different states, but I’m still the WORST over packer ever. Each time it gets a little better, but I’m always one to think of the what ifs. What if it rains? What if it’s colder? What if I need this? What if I might need that? You know what I think every time I get to my destination? I shouldn’t have over packed. I could have just gone with the basics and been completely fine.  Here are a few pointers to remind myself for future travels.

1. You don’t need two of anything. (Mostly.) Double up when you can!

Clothing outfits for travel
One pair of jeans, one set of leggings, one sweater, two dresses (not four) will do. Variety is nice but stick to a neutral palette, then glam up the basics with smaller things like a scarf or jewelry. Less is more! Neutrals mix and match quite easyily. Double up when you can (Have a grey wrap sweater for traveling, when it’s cold and in the morning over PJ’s. Make your workout t-shirts cute enough to wear on their own if you want.)

2. You can pack the same as being gone for a month as you can for a week.

If you are gone that long you can do laundry. If you are visiting friends or family borrow the bigger, bulkier items from them – things that take up space like coats or hoodies. Other items to borrow – hairdryer and curling iron. Going to a hotel? I guess I’ll have to allow the curling iron…

3. Shoes are the worst space killer!

Shoes to pack when traveling

I still haven’t mastered this option yet and unless you are lucky enough to share the same shoe size as the person you are visiting, you are out of luck. Wear your bulkiest shoes at the airport. (I wear classic brown boots with cushioned inserts that go with everything and are extremely comfy.) I’ve had to run a few times in airports and you don’t want your shoes to slow you down. You can also pack items (like socks) within your shoes.
Go with the basics and neutrals –
silver flats
black heels
running shoes

4. Makeup & Toiletries Basics – Mini’s Matter

Makeup to Pack
It’s worth going through and packing JUST what you need. Take out those four lip glosses and multiple options in your regular makeup bag and scale it back! Foundation, blush, a palette of eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara. With all the extra room you can add your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, lotion, mini shampoo and conditioner. Buy those mini bottles and put your favorites brands into them if you must. Make sure your bag is waterproof. It happens occasionally, but a shampoo or lotion will leak. It’s best to contain the spill within the smaller bag so it doesn’t stain your clothes. Your limit is ONE bag!

BONUS: Get a perfume sample of your favorite perfume at a department store or Sephora. When I run low on the sample  I just pop the top and refill with my bigger perfume. Less to lug around, easy to travel with.

5. Airport Travel – layer up

Pulling an outfit for travel
Don’t bother lugging a jacket around. Layer it up. Look through your pieces and pick out something that is comfortable without looking like a slob. Get a little warm? Take off a few layers and put in your purse or over your arm. I love a tank top, button up (Express Portofino Shirt) a neutral wrap, jeans or black leggins with your shoes that take up the most room in your luggage. DON’T create a new outfit just pull what you have already laid out to pack. Scarves can double as blankets or pillows on the plane.

I love going places but hate the in between traveling part. I typically have lived so far away and 99% of the time I have a connecting flight. You will either end up running through airports to snag your connecting flight or wait during an almost unavoidable classic delay. It’s best to be prepared.


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