Juicing Recipe for Dummies: Step by Step

Q: Is it a good idea to take a break from all the chemicals we dump in our bodies?
Yes! Juicing is a way to handle that.

Q: Are you a qualified expert?
Absolutely not, this is just from my experience so if you want to get some professionall advice, please see your Doc!

Extra info on juicing: http://www.doctoryourself.com/juicefast.html

1. It’s best to drink it fresh – that’s what everyone hammers. Fresh, fresh, fresh! But what about those of us who are busy? In a perfect world we’d have more time (or live on Mercury where each day on Mercury lasts as long as 58 days, 15 hours on Earth.)

Plastic bottles tend to stain and hold on to the juice pulp much more so than glass. I purchased a 6 pack of GLASS BOTTLES from Amazon. (Which I now use for iced tea, coffee, water bottles, you get the idea. I just chuck them in the dishwasher, it’s an easy clean and they don’t have the chemicals that plastics do. Very handy. You could also buy some mason jars instead.)

2. Okay, gather your veggies, in this case I have two different “flavors” I’m going to make. Gather your veggies & fruit! Obviously you need a juicer as well.

1. 2 big bags of carrots
2. Bag of green apples (least amount of sugar in green apples.)
3. Two bunches of Kale (they don’t create a lot of juice, very dense)
4. 2-4 Cucumbers (they were out at my store so buy more than it shows in the photo – cucumbers make up for the Kale, it’s a good balance.)
5. Secret Weapons of tastiness: Lemon & Ginger
6. Less fruit is better (less sugar) – wash well, try not to peel anything  if you can, a lot of the nutrients are close to the skin or in the skin.


Juice one bag of carrots
Half a lemon  rind and all)
Chunk of ginger
3-4 Granny Smith apples (not shown below)


4. POUR juice in bottles, clean your juicer and repeat.
The lemon is a great natural preservative and the ginger is not only extremely healthy for you, it adds a rich flavor. Adding a little water at the end 10-20 ml is a helpful way to make your juice go a little farther and may help decrease the flavor if it’s too intense for you.


1-2 buches of Kale (and or spinach)
3-5 Granny Smith apples
1/2 Lemon – rind and all
Chunk of ginger root
2-3 Cucumbers
OPTIONAL: Celery – WARNING: I personally cannot handle juiced celery. I find the flavor a bit too strong and have real problems drinking it. (TMI – my gag reflex kicks in and my body just does NOT like celery juice. So I don’t use it but others have no problem with it. If you hate the juice flavor you made you aren’t going to drink it!


6. DONE! Store and choose your flavor.
(Note: This produced about 2-3 more bottles but the two of us drank those for breakfast.)
It’s nice to have an option. You could just chuck everything together, but I like variety. Lots of tea and water throughout the day for me. It was explained to me that giving your body a day off from digesting food, gives it time to repair and focus on other parts of your body.


7. Tips
Sipping instead of chugging helped me feel fuller longer. Lots of water, lots of peppermint tea for me. A book helped me out saying if you eat an early dinner before 6pm then get up in the morning, you’ve technically “fasted” for 12 hours already. So you are halfway there!

For beginners, try it over a weekend, start Friday and try it for 24 or 36 hours. Your first meal should be a light one. It does take some will power but I was very surprised on how NOT hungry I was and I get low blood sugar. It also helps thinking of all those times you did have a little too much fun and you are giving your body a break. Remember this isn’t a permanent diet, just a well deserved toxin break.

Good luck!


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