Current Items I Love

Zombies, Run! App

Zombies, Run!
I always need motivation running and this has stuck with me. It’s part story, part video game that you can add your playlist to and get your run on. Quite motivating and earning items makes you want to keep building your town. I am NOT a runner and this app is starting to turn me into one. A miracle in itself.

Portofino Shirt from Express

Portofino Shirt
When I went shopping with my sister-in-law and this shirt looked good on both of us I knew it was something amazing. Her problem, being too tall at 5’11” and nothing ever being long enough for her arms or torso. It looked and fit perfect on her.  Myself, a towering dwarf at  5’3″ was also able to pull this top off in a great way. (Rolled up sleeves with buttons.) It’s extraordinarily classy, soft, flows and doesn’t cling to your body. Great for work, traveling, layering under a sweater, a coverup on the beach, or a night out. Versatility win!

Bed Head Totally Baked – Fine Hair Friends Rejoice – Vavoom!

Bed Head Totally Baked Hair Product

Don’t have fine or thin hair? Skip this. If you do, know that I have fine hair and my sister has even finer hair. (Finer than a frog hair.) We’ve recently stumbled upon this little gem (thanks Mom). Fullness, shape, body, smells like creme brulee and my hair looks great the next day as well and not greasy. Which is quite rare. It holds curl like nobody’s business and my hair does not hold curl. Win!

Mac Eye brow liner

Mac Eye Liner

Took me a few tries before I found this favorite. Eye brow trick – don’t fill in your eyebrows, just outline them or fill in the sparse areas. You really needs the smallest bit and then comb them with an eyebrow brush to smooth out. This stuff stays and just works better than anything else I’ve tried. It lasts a long time too. Worth it. (With my dark brown eyebrows I use the color  Lingering. Tip – I was told never to match your eyebrows always go lighter.)

Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray and Dry Shampoo



I’ve heard some reviews on how some people dislike this salt spray but I disagree. My fine straight hair is a huge fan. Spray it on wet hair and dry it or spray it on wet hair and let it air dry. Either way it adds great texture. Clean Freak dry shampoo is great to use when you are in a rush.  Spray on your roots and it helps absorb excess oils. It cleans without water. These are solid products I love and they don’t cost a lot.

Gin Gins – Ginger Candy

Whole and sliced ginger root in isolated white background

Better for you than a candy bar and helps curb your sweet tooth. Gin Gins also help with your digestion and nausea. A win win.

Tea in Cold Water

Matte Mint
Ever thought to just throw in a tea bag in your favorite water? Even though it’s cold the tea still steeps in flavor. I’m currently into peppermint tea or matte mint.  Don’t knock it ’till you try it!

What are some of your favorites?

I love learning new items that I can’t live without!


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