I’m on a buying diet

I’m totally guilty of it. Over buying. I feel that the perpetual buying wheel that many of us are on is best said in an episode of Family Guy, “Ooo! Piece of candy…. Ooo! Piece of candy…. Ooo! Piece of candy….”

It’s hard not to want to buy something that promises to make you look, smell or feel better.

Going through my bathroom products today I decided to make a vow and work through all of my lotions, makeup, hair products until they are used up. It may sound dumb or simple, but how many of us move on to that next piece of “candy” before we finish the last?  I should know better. The companies with their mind manipulating airbrushed tricks, but I still fall for it most of the time. Stupid companies and your stupid marketing ploys with your bright and shiny catchy ads, hypnotizing me and making me feel bad again, and just maybe if I buy that I’ll be “better”. I’ve decided to get off the shopping wheel of “I wants” today.

So here in the proverbial pen and ink I am making a promise to stop buying junk.  Many of our great grandparents were lucky if they had two shirts or even two pair of shoes. Why is this gluttony and excess needed? Yes options are nice, yes there is still a slight chance that the zombie apocalypse might happen so in that case hoarding everything would be a good idea.

But as of now I’m going to use up the extra eyeliners, lip glosses and lotions: no candles, or apps or movies or music: no extra perfumes or hats or decorating items for the home. I don’t need new anything! I’m luckier and have more than so many people in the world. Let’s go on a shopping diet for 30 days and see how it goes? Necessities are fine (hello! food anyone? toilet paper!) but anything short of the basics, is now officially out the window for me. Until then I’ll just work on my cardio and my escape plan on that slight chance the odds are against us and the zombies are out there.

It’s been said before I know, but I’m going to work on creating or growing on the inside instead of buying things that I think will make me better on the outside.

Watercolor Painting of Houses

Watercolor House Finished


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