The Best Avocado & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

I’m on an egg and avocado kick – if you’ve never tried it, it’s time to start.

Toast (I use Ezekiel Bread 4:9 – the healthier sprouted stuff which surprise! tastes great)
Mushed avocado
1 Egg
Garlic Salt (otpional) or Salt and Pepper
Sriracha Sauce
Onions and Bacon are optional

STEP 1: Toast your toast
STEP 2: Mush up about half and avocado sprinkle with garlic salt
STEP 3: Add a little butter then fry up the mushrooms (and onions)
STEP 4: In the same pan, move the almost done veggies to the side then fry up your egg to your liking (a little runny in the middle is the best) add seasonings of your liking

LAYER – Toast + Avocado Spread + Egg + Toppings (mushroom, onion, bacon)

STEP 5: Sprinkle with Sriracha Sauce  (not shown because I started eating it right away!)

Best Breakfast Sandwich


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