Best Summer Drink

Fancy Summer Shandy

Fancy Summer Shandy

This sparkling lemonade is so much more than just sparkling lemonade.
Versatile, good for you, or bad depending if you add any alcohol and DELICIOUS.(All those health articles are always telling me to squeeze lemon in my water…)


+ Ice in your glass
+ 1/2 Fresh Squeezed Lemon (or one whole lime)
+ Lemon Perrier
+ Simple Syrup to taste (I prefer Stevia)
= Smiling Refreshed Taste buds drinking a sparkling lemonde

Easy as that.

Make a glass, or a pitcher, add to beer and make a Summer Shandy or throw some vodka in there. The fancy Summer Shandy pictured above had some fresh grated lemon on top and mixed with the finest beer around, Bud Light. I’m a girl so drinking out of a girly glass is always more fun.

ENJOY and you’re welcome!


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