Sort of Jumbalaya

Sort of Jumbalaya

This dish is incredibly filling (in a good way not a “why did I eat that” way) and has a great heat to it. Don’t like spice? Use regular Italian Sausage instead of spicy. Or just drain more of the spicy sausage fat. Leftovers are perfect for lunch the next day.

Heads up – I pretty much eyeball things so measuring is not my forte.

Package Spicy Italian Sausage
1 Large Russet Potato
1 teaspoon Minced Garlic
3 Peppers (Green, Red, Yellow whatever you have)
1 Cup Black Beans
1/2 Onion (whatever kind you have is fine)
Optional – Zucchini, Mushrooms, any other veggies you want to throw in


1. Cook Sausage – remove sausage from pan – don’t drain fat
2. Use fat (which is a spicy oil perfect for potats) to cook potatoes
3. Add a healthy sprinkle of Creole seasoning and pepper

4. Mix the sausage and potatoes and put in a bowl with paper towel to help absorb the fat / extra spicy
5. Add a drop of olive oil, fry up teaspoon of garlic then add onions – cook for a minute or so before adding the other veggies

Peppers and Sausage and Potatoes

6. Add peppers and the rest of the veggies (peppers take longer to cook than mushrooms so first cook what takes the longest etc.)
7. OPTIONAL – top with cheese and sour cream (and by sour cream I mean plain Greek Yogurt.)

Sort of Jumbalaya


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