EGGCELLENT Lunch, Dinner or Snack

Egg veggie scramble

Yup, I’m into scrambles. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a few eggs. Well maybe not the squeak on the door in Evie’s room. This is a quick and easy lunch or dinner that I find to be extra tasty.

Veggies + Eggs = Problem Solved

Make a big batch, it’s great to get a few bites when you are on the go. I’m a new Mom of a two month old so know how time is important.

Red Pepper
(or whatever veggies you have available)
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
Minced Garlic (optional)
5-6 Eggs

I’m rotten at measuring and just chop up what looks will fit in my pan. Heat up the olive oil, toss in some crushed garlic (yes mine is from the jar in a fridge).

Broccoli first since it takes the longest to cook, chop up the red pepper as the broccoli is cooking. Then chop the zucchini and add. Cover with a lid. Crack 5 eggs or 6 or 7 if you have more people or like more egg. Beat them with a fork, not at chess and add. Season with salt and pepper to taste and mix eggs around until cooked.

DON’T forget the salt and pepper they make all the difference.

Egg veggie scramble

Egg veggie scramble

Egg veggie scramble

If you are feeling dangerous add some parmesan cheese. Or regular cheese. If you are feeling healthy add some beans. I had to sneak in some bacon once to get my husband to eat it. Whatever works! Extras go in the fridge for later.


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