Flying with a Baby – Tips & Such

Baby Flying Tips

So my kiddo is currently 9 months and she previously just hit her 18th flight, booking over 30,000 miles. Now unfortunately not all kids are built the same but here is my experience with a baby.

I was pretty terrified on our first flight but wanted to let you know it’s not as deadly or terrible as everyone emphasizes. First off, this is a temporary state, so even if you have a bad flight, and bad stuff does happens, it will be over soon.  It may feel like forever but it won’t last.

Okay, let’s see if I can summarize in bullet points because we all have nano second attention spans these days.

Now unless you have a direct flight and the weather is fabulous then maybe you can pass on this tip, but with canceled and delayed flights you NEVER want to be in a situation where you are staring at your last diaper in your bag. Pack more than you think, then pack a few more.

I lug a full diaper bag and have my Boppy zipped in its plastic holder as a second carry on (which I shove extra diapers and blankets in with.) Then she goes in her stroller and we gate check the stroller. Isn’t all this manipulating a pain though? Not really. You have your arsenal with you for just-in-case incidents. Everything fits and I can carry everything easily. She sits in her stroller and the bags loop on the stroller. You will all be happier and more comfortable knowing it’s there if you need it. Trust. Me.

Why a Boppy? Can’t you just hold her? When you hold a sleeping child for 1-3 hours while she is snoozing, your body parts will fall asleep (arms, legs, fingers). The Boppy is like a little traveling/sleeping bed which allows both of you to chill more comfortably. Evie fell asleep once for 4 hours. The Boppy helped save my sanity and made both of us more comfortable. Other Mamas have told me that they just use the neck pillows but being in the 100th percentile for her size, that isn’t going to happen for us.

Baby paraphernalia flies free. Stroller, Baby Car Seat, Baby Car Seat Base. You can check the carseat and car base *TIP (with most infant carseats you don’t need a base, you can just use a seat buckle to secure the carseat when traveling). These baby items don’t count as any of your checked bags.

Most airplanes actually have folding tables in the bathrooms. (Which I was made to believe by other people and online blogs that they don’t exist.) They are typically in the back of the plane but sometimes they will have the fold down tables in the front bathrooms as well. I’ve even changed her on our seat (with a diaper changing pad under her and my husband next to me. This was when she was about 3 months old during a 5 hour flight, sometimes you just don’t want to get up for the 7th time to change a wet diaper.

Sorry, bottle Mama’s, I’m not sure how to help because I didn’t have that experience. I support anyones decision on how they feed their baby, but I happened to go the nursing route. I LOVED it because for the first 7 months before she was truly mobile there wasn’t anything that a boob in the mouth couldn’t fix. Tired? Hungry? Need Comfort? Have a boob, fall asleep for a while. Boom. I always thought all kids had an issue with altitude but Evie never did. So there is hope for you yet. I always thought she would be a terror on each flight according to what others told me, but guess what? She’s good on the plane! She loves looking at people and making new friends.

They are nice! They want to help you. It’s true.

I always dress Evie in zipper PJ’s. Bring one or two backup depending on how messy your baby gets. It’s easy to change and her feet don’t get dirty. It also keeps her warm when sleeping.

It used to be a lot less but since she’s older this is what we currently roll with. I have found that toys don’ t really work. It’s the non-toys that do it. Since we do baby led weaning she’s a bit more into spoons and straws. Evie LOVES gnawing on a straw. LOVES IT.

Diapers, wipes (get the kind that can double as hand wipes and wipe your area down), PJ’s as an easy change of clothes, changing pad, teething toys, Baby Tylenol (never go on a plane without it), snacks, small water cup, back up bottle with some of Mom’s milk, a cardboard book to read, or chew on. Water bottle for you and scarf for you that can double as a blanket for baby.

Oh, yes, then you have your wallet, water bottle, phone, phone charger, earbuds (for incase she falls asleep) passports, documents

String cheese can last a while, chopped up oranges in a tupperware, blueberries, rice cake type snacks for something more to do than eat, those squeeze fruit/veggie bags are fantastic for traveling. She also loves hummus and most planes serve that with pretzels. I use the pretzel as a “spoon” and she’s eaten over half at times. We’ve packed fresh made pizza crust, since it takes a while to gnaw on and helps her gums when she teethes.

Evie likes ice from my complimentary drink and plays around with the cup as well.

Well, if I can think of anything else down the road I’m sure I’ll add it. What works for you?


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