Easy Stencil Hack to Create Second Breakfast (or any saying) on a Chalkboard

Alright project lovers gather ’round…

  1. Board (We used a chalkboard bought at Michael’s)
  2. Your Saying – computer with a cool font you like (We love Hobbits)
  3. Pencil (a softer lead if you can) and a Pen
  4. Paint Markers

I am a fantasy nerd and helped my Mom create the Second Breakfast idea for her kitchen..

STEP 1: Measure out your board and print out the correct sizing you need from your computer. (Word may work but I used an art program called Illustrator.)

STEP 2: Rub your pencil on the back of the print out. Then TAPE the paper down and trace the front with some fairly good pressure with a pen. This will create the letter outline for you to trace with the paint. (I forgot this on the first word and ended up having to redo it. You are welcome that I made that mistake so you don’t have to.) The photo has the pencil tracings but it is really hard to see. 😦

Step 1  Step 1a   Step 3

This create the stencil so you look like a pro.

STEP 3: To finish up the stencil, whip out the paint marker. Do a few test drives on a random piece of paper so you are comfortable with the flow. Note: it takes a while for the paint to come out so shake, shake, shake it and be patient.

Step 4: Trace the outlines, fill in, chose a different color if that is your jam and enjoy your beautiful piece of art.

Now time to have Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, or Supper!

STEP 4   Step 5   Step 6


Want a stencil? Here you go!

Second Breakfast-01.jpg



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