Weekly Recipe Idea

Are you constantly looking up recipies on WTF to make for dinner because you are tired and have no idea what you did last week?

Okay this is going to take a little bit of legwork but I promise you it will be worth it. Take a handful of minutes each night (skip Facebook for 5 minutes tonight and tomorrow) and write down in your Phone notes section all the meals you love and make for your family.

Once you have enough bust out some notecards and write down the name of the dish along with the ingredients. Bonus if you add photos. Photos take longer and may be hard to manipulate but we are very visual creatures so if you see a photo chances are you are going to get more excited about it.

Now you have 20-30 dishes give or take however many if good for you and put them in a little envelope somewhere. I took the next step because I’m an organize freak when I have the time and split it into 1) breakfast / lunch 2) main dishes 3) sides and sweets

BAM! High five. Look at your Miss Organized for Food. Take the guesswork out and put your notes front and center. Magnets (or tape) and a white board if you feel fancy.

Receipt Wall.jpg


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