Things an Expat should know when you just moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I will work on updating this, I know it needs more but it’s a good reference start for newbies who have just moved here. I wish I knew these things when we moved.

KLCC is Kuala Lumpur Convention Center or “downtown” but everyone says KLCC

WS Car Rental – There are Cheaper place to go
Grab Car
Don’t use taxi may get ripped off and some don’t have air conditioning
I prefer Uber (we don’t have a car)
Free transit on the purple buses
LRT (metro) Light Rail Transit

Furniture Store
Ikea is the cheapest and they deliver
Other places I was told
One Stop Buy & Sell
Viva homest
Hook Choon has cheap dishes and better meat (someone said their minced meat or “ground beef” is better there.)

Places to Order Online
Lazada – sort of like Amazon
Some things in Amazon will ship but you have to sort of price shop will ship to you, it’s the middle man to get things you can’t

Grocery Store
Honest Bee – online delivery, my preferred choice
Happy Fresh or Tesco will deliver you can shop online

Jaya in the Intermark – KLCC- is the better grocery store though each one you have to kind of pick and choose of the best (one may have better fruit or meat or specialty items)

Ben’s is in Mont Kiara but has the best selection of international food items
Local markets are the cheapest but harder to navigate and get to – worth trying if you can

Miss your old TV shows or want Pandora? Tunnel Bear can help.

Tama Tasik Titiwangasa Park
Bird Park

Changkat has Pinchos which is a tapas
Everyone talks about how great the food is but I have not found it that way. There aren’t many restaurants that really pop out in my head. It’s more trial and error and a lot of fails. Know that the service is slooooow and if you want something it’s best to speak up and ask or you may be waiting a long time.

Little Gym – you can free trial and it’s the best place for kid growth / play and development

Child Friendly Cafes
These places have toys or play areas to free roam while you get a break and can eat in peace. There are so many available.
Menara Tan & Tan on Tun Razak
Green Tomato Café in Ampany
Wicked Pancake Parlour in Damansara

Day Cares
Primrose Hill – more laid back can drop your kid of a day a week / more flexible other places make you pay upfront and have to stay a full week, from what I hear.

Children’s House

Play Area
Starlight Kids

Haze / Pollution

Plantations in Indonesia are burned (they burn them off so they can plant next year). The smoke travels over by Malaysia and surrounding areas and creates this nasty haze. It’s very very unhealthy. So bad where you need to stay inside some days and schools are cancelled. Raining helps dissipate this issue but don’t get caught in that rain, you don’t want that on your skin. Local air readings are misleading since they use a 10 ppm ratio and most other countries use 2.5 ppm. Sometimes it can stick around for months. Air purifiers and plants can help, just do your research and be prepared. Pack a few extra umbrellas and have them to and from work when needed.



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