SarahSarah = Pisces, traveler, dreamer, joker, empath, mead lover,  pretend interior decorator, big hugger, louder laugher, dark chocolate enthusiast, graphic design ninja, painter, obsessed with colors and fonts, most excellent wifey, rock star mama & supportive friend.

I know everyone and their dog has a blog nowadays. I’m hoping to record bits about my life that I want to keep in one place. I’ve found that since I’ve recently moved many ideas are strewn about these ole fashioned things called notebooks (the paper kind, not a laptop.) If I can keep my favorites all in one place, it will make it easier to find down the road. If you’d like to join in on my adventures please do.

I’ve lived in 5 states and 3 countries, due to job relocations. This training has finally made me a better packer. I can still share my experience and thoughts from what I’ve learned being a traveler, a spouse, a friend, an artist, a designer, and a mom of two girls on this revolving chunk of granite 7 billion-ish of us call home.



NOTE: Most images have been taken by me unless otherwise noted, please don’t use without asking me first. Thanks so very much new pal.


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